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Monitor your products anywhere online

Scour the web, social media, and more for powerful market insights.
Real-time media monitoring
Get live updates about your brand from the web and social media.
Explore how you can easily monitor the web:Compelling Insights
Get in-depth brand intelligence tailored to your business. Automated reports make it simple to share results with clients, colleagues, and management, so you can focus on more important work.
Realize Your Business Goals
You want to build your brand & protect it from harm.
Mention makes these objectives easy to achieve
Manage a crisis
Catch and respond to crises before they get out hand.
Create reports
Automatically generate reports to share with clients and colleagues.
Study the competition
Watch what competitors are doing and learn from their strategy.
Monitor your brand
Follow what people say about you and your products online.
Narrow your focus
Use Boolean alerts to monitor with pinpoint accuracy.
Find influencers
Discover new influencers and begin your outreach.