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FBA Auditor – Description

If you are an Amazon seller then you will find FBA auditor invaluable for helping you to track orders and recover potential erroneous expenses such as unpaid refunds for missing items, inaccurate fees, or other problems with orders. When FBA works well it is a powerful platform, but there are many things that can go wrong, and FBA auditor helps you to keep track of those annoyances that can eat into your bottom line.

Amazon handles fulfillment for 2 million sellers across 28 fulfillment centers, and with such a large user base things can and do go wrong. FBA Auditor puts you in control of your stock and orders.

OUR POWERFUL FBA TOOL HELPS AMAZON SELLERS RECOVER UNPAID REFUNDS FOR MISSING ITEMS, INCORRECT ORDERS & INACCURATE FEES.Our specialist team of auditors conduct extensive searches on all your refund and inventory reports to find any possible reimbursements opportunities and get those profits back into your account.

FBA Auditor removes the headache of keeping track of your missing or damaged inventory, giving you the freedom to grow your business


Not all sellers realise this, but when a customer opens a return request they are given 45 days in which to return the item; however, the money is actually taken from the seller’s account immediately. If the customer fails to send the item back, which does occasionally happen, Amazon will usually return any withheld funds to the seller but not always. In such cases, the onus is on the seller to submit a request for reimbursement. Reconciling what has and hasn’t been returned can be extremely difficult, and is at best a very time-consuming task. Refund Hero automates this process, identifying reimbursements that have slipped through the net, and automatically opens cases to recover the missing funds.


We all make mistakes and Amazon is no exception! With 2 million sellers and huge amounts of inventory flowing between their 28 fulfilment centres, it is almost inevitable that sometimes your items will become mingled with other sellers’, damaged, destroyed or lost entirely. In most instances, Amazon does a great job of reimbursing sellers for these discrepancies; however, there are occasions where things slip through the net. With Inventory Salvager, our fully automated process identifies missing and damaged stock and opens the appropriate cases to ensure you get your money back fast.


When booking in your inventory, Amazon may occasionally choose to record the weight and/or dimensions of an item of stock. With thousands of employees spanning fulfilment centres worldwide, and millions of items being checked in everyday, it is hardly surprising that these records are often incorrect. Although their margin of error may only be small, the cumulative effect over months of sales could be huge! Our software evaluates your historical sales data and identifies fluctuations in your FBA fees, ensuring any items that have been overcharged for are reimbursed to you.