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Amachete is a software suite that helps you to sell products on Amazon using the FBA system. The suite is aimed at beginners and pros and has a lot to offer, including ranking information, profitability estimation tools, competitor analysis, and more. The system makes use of Amazon’s global product database to help you to predict what products will sell the best in different countries.

Take the guesswork out of selling on Amazon and maximise your profit potential with this easy to use set of analytics tools. Amachete periodically closes signups to sellers in certain countries to maintain a good service, so take advantage when registrations are open.

Convenient Chrome Extension
Automatically searches as you browse through Amazon. See the essentials right by the products, or maximize to see the full range of data.

Quickly analyze your competitors.
Quickly scan the number of reviews, average review, the date of the listing, rank, price, of dozens of items at once.

Profitability Estimator
Determine the potential profitability of a product just by glancing at it.

The best way to deter a hijacker is IMMEDIATE action.
We’ll monitor your listing for new offers every minute of every day.

As soon as we detect another seller attempting to take over your listing and buybox, we’ll contact you immediately so that you can shut them down before they start getting sales.

Ranks change hourly. Don’t base your investment on daily information.
A single purchase can change an item’s Sales Rank(BSR) by as much as 20,000 places. If you check once a day you’re not getting the full picture, and might grossly over-estimate the demand for a potential product.

We’ll track the rank of your potential products every hour and give you the *average* rank on a daily or weekly basis.