Bring your ABM strategy into the light

Uncover and accelerate buyer demand with the power of AI.

A successful ABM strategy relies on clear understanding of the buyer journey. But for b2b companies, most of that journey happens in the Dark Funnel – anonymous demand signals invisible to traditional marketing automation tools, or impossible ...



COMPANIES IDENTIFICATION & ACTIONS GAINING MORE SALES OF PRODUCTS OR SERVICES To gain maximum potential of increasing your sales of products or services, we recommend that you read through these guides in sequence. The objective of these pages is to get you to a position where: You have an accurate view of every useful visitor to your product or services pages. You can clearly see ...



THE FASTEST GROWING DIGITAL ADVERTISING PLATFORM ADCORE is a leading provider of machine-learning powered advertising technologies. Our suite of solutions empowers digital advertisers with automated solutions to enhance and maximize their Search Engine Marketing. ADCORE’s technologies are designed for in-house marketing professionals, freelancers and advertising agencies to scale their SEM a...



Help your clients succeed. Go beyond the install to ensure your client’s long-term prosperity. Lower the CAC and CPA of your next campaign. Attribution and in-app event tracking reveal the highest-value users to target. Adjust delivers clean data you can trust in a streamlined dashboard that makes communicating with partners a snap. Bring your web and mobile marketing efforts together ...



POWERING PAID MARKETERS Closed-loop reporting and automation software for paid media campaigns TRUSTED BY RESPECTED BRANDS AND AGENCIES CONSOLIDATE YOUR AD DATA ALL NETWORKS, ONE PLATFORM AdStage brings all advertising data into one platform giving paid marketers the ability to quickly visualize, analyze, report, and optimize their ad performance. BRING IN OFFLINE CONVERSIONS IMPORT CO...

Albacross Website Tracking


B2B lead generation couldn’t get any easier Albacross tells you exactly who’s visiting your website and how to reach them... Here’s how Albacross help you identify and reach your target high-value companies Capture your visitors Find out which companies and potential customers are visiting your website and how to properly approach them to close the deal. Track their activity Gain sal...



Product Analytics for the Digital Era Truly understand what makes your users tick, rapidly release better product experiences, and grow your business across web and mobile. Introducing the Amplitude Growth Engine The industry’s first product iteration system to help product teams everywhere build for growth. We help teams build better products The #1 Product Analytics platform built for ...

Analytics SEO


All in one SEO Software to increase revenue and transform your organic search performance SEO software and content strategy automation platform for eCommerce businesses, agencies and enterprises. The Authoritas SEO platform is the easiest and most powerful solution to transform your organic search performance and increase revenues. Discover how our SEO software can help you grow Our unique...

Analytics Toolkit


AUTOMATE REPETITIVE DAILY ANALYTICS TASKS CUT DOWN EXECUTION TIMES FROM HOURS TO SECONDS IMPROVE YOUR EXPERTISE & ADOPT BEST PRACTICES Analytics Tools A must have analytics productivity toolkit for web analysts, CRO, SEO/SEM, and digital agencies Check Health Status Identify potential issues with your analytics setup. Quick and thorough check-up of your Google Analytics setup to ...



Autonomous Analytics THE ONLY ALERTS YOU NEED. JUST WHEN YOU NEED THEM. We use advanced AI to constantly monitor, correlate and forecast business performance. We have your back, so you’re free to grow your business. WHAT IS AUTONOMOUS ANALYTICS? Autonomous Analytics uses machine learning to understand normal patterns within time series data, detect anomalies and continuously forec...



What is ATLAS.ti? ATLAS.ti is a powerful workbench for the qualitative analysis of large bodies of textual, graphical, audio and video data. Sophisticated tools help you to arrange, reassemble, and manage your material in creative, yet systematic ways. ATLAS.ti keeps you focused on the material itself. Whether your field is anthropology, economics, criminology, or medicine: ATLAS.ti will me...




Good, trusted marketing decisions start with good, trusted data. Beckon delivers integrated, clean, normalized marketing performance data and business outcome data to set the stage for true, actionable insight. Finally, the entire marketing org can explore and share insights via storytelling dashboards...

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