Affiliate Marketing



ClickGum Optimize and track all of your marketing details with ClickGum. This amazing program will provide reporting and analytics tools for every level of your online business. You can get all of this information in one place so as to increase profits and control traffic. Some of the many excellent features for ClickGum include events and click tracking and monitoring, traffic control, m...

Get Ambassdor


Getambassador.com Is The First All-Inclusive Marketing Software Getambassador.com is the world's first and only referral marketing software powered by word-of-mouth. Through the use of just one integrated platform, users can run different campaigns such as referral and affiliate marketing, influencer marketing as well as partner and advocate marketing programs. Through superior analytics, us...

Get Cake


Get Cake CAKE is a Software as a Service solution for online marketers that can help to bring clarity to your multi-channel marketing campaign, and give you the power and insights you need to make intelligent marketing decisions. CAKE offers several services, including Journey for advertisers, CAKE for Networks to improve digital marketing, and CAKE for Lead Distribution, that helps to ma...

Has Offers


Has Offers is a famous marketing platform which gives thousands of users and businesses around the world the ability to track and manage their own publisher relationships. Has Offers is a performance promoting app for making your own mobile and/or desktop ad network. It supports advertisers, agencies, and networks who needs a fully customized product to manage their publishers. The ful...

iDev Direct


iDev Direct has hosted solutions out there that will handle your affiliate programs on their website. If you are looking for a simple and clean affiliate marketing management system iDev Direct is here for you. IDev Direct gives you a full control on your affiliate management by hosting a software on your own server rather than using a free hosted service. iDev Direct has a huge benefi...

Osi Affiliate


OSI Affiliate Software is developed for companies of all sizes whether they are begginer or enterprize. Companies and individuals can use OSI Affiliate to set up and manage their own affiliate management systema, referral program and boost their customer database. The product is designed both for referral marketing beginners and experts. It helps companies to realize the marketing pote...

Post Affiliate Pro


Post Affiliate Pro is a powerful affiliate management solution for online stores and eCommerce websites that helps them track and monitor their affiliate network. Many businesses that offer online services and goods require affiliate marketers to help them drive customers to their websites and increase their sales. With Post Affiliate Pro, managing affiliate marketers becomes a tad easier...



Tapfiliate is a affiliate management and tracking software which was developed by the Tapfiliate company in 2014. The company is working in making the software one of the best in the affiliate market. The Tapafiliate software comes with a lot of handy features which ensure the better management of the affiliate campaigns for the users. Launching your affiliate program with Tapfiliate s...
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