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Making sense of internet behavior to target relevant advertisements along the buyer journey.

Advertise On The Dynamic Customer Journey
Targeting audience is unreliable
With GDPR and cookie-deleting browsers, audience targeting is not enough. Traffic Cloud® analyzes dozens of data sources and social signals to target the Dynamic Customer Journey.

Targeting context is incomplete
Don’t just finds sites relevant to your ads. Traffic Cloud® finds the ones proven to influence buyer behavior along real customer journeys. Place your ads in the right place and time – every time.
Advertise On Consumers’ (Search) Terms
15% of Google searches are unique
Voice search and changing consumer behavior increase search complexity daily. Traffic Cloud® optimizes your campaigns for the real world.

Today’s tools tell a fragmented story
Analyzing siloed search data surfaces pieces of the buyer journey. Traffic Cloud® analyzes dozens of data sources to pinpoint the search terms that matter.

Stop Wasting Ad Spend
The internet is a black hole
Today’s marketing tools only show the last few steps of the customer journey. Traffic Cloud® sees every interaction influencing purchase decision.

The performance economy starts now
By analyzing consumer behavior across digital channels, Traffic Cloud® gives marketers a clear view of your efforts’ impact – so you stay focused on the true drivers of growth.

On average, our customers experience a 229% return on investment from DemandJump across digital channels.

How we do it.

Traffic Cloud® analyzes billions of marketing touchpoints to identify the dynamic customer journey.