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  • Mix Panel
    Mix Panel

    Understand every user's journey
    Analyze each interaction across the full customer journey using internal and external data. Improve engagement and lifetime value by nudging users based on actions they've taken.

    Drive loyalty with digital products
    Learn which features increase conversion, engagement, and retention. Then test ways to improve and adapt based on what worked and...

  • Track Maven
    Track Maven

    TrackMaven makes it easy to prove marketing ROI

    Data should be an asset to your business, not a burden.

    We make it easy to connect and analyze marketing performance across every channel — so you can tie the details to the big picture.

    Powerful Platform. Powerful People.

    We combine marketing expertise with world-class technology to deliver the insights you need to win on...

  • Fox Metrics
    Fox Metrics

    Collect. Analyze. Target. Convert.
    Don’t just stare at your data — do something with it. Besides advanced customer data, we give you the
    tools to hone in on key segments, personalize your customer experience, and boost your bottom line.

    Start building profiles and tracking customer activities
    Start building profiles and tracking customer...

  • Kick Fire
    Kick Fire

    KickFire's IP address intelligence & B2B firmographic data allows you to translate IP addresses to companies, identify anonymous web visitors, and integrate account data into your technology stack – all based on a company's IP address.

    KickFire seamlessly integrates into Google Analytics® and shows you the exact companies who are visiting your website, clicking on your AdWords®...

  • Site Analytics
    Site Analytics

    Access real time intelligence

    Exact Visitor Company Name, URL, SIC code & Turnover
    What Pages Viewed / Products Viewed
    How long visitors spent on your Website
    How many times they visited
    What ‘Search Terms’ they used to get there
    How they got to your website
    And so much More
    Turn Website Data into Valid Leads

    The Lead Forensics online lead generation tool...

  • Paveai

    Turn your Google Analytics data
    into insights using A.I

    Analytics, automated from start to finish.
    Stop wasting time and money on ineffective marketing. Know exactly which strategy is working and which is not.

    Effortless Setup
    Connect your Google Analytics and get a report in less than 30 seconds.

    Marketing Data Integration
    No more manually...

  • parsely

    Audience attention is precious. We help you make it valuable.
    Attention. You can capture it, game it, or you can earn it and make it matter.
    We have a different take on the "attention economy," as it’s been called, with products that dive deeper than face value. doesn’t rely on proxies, signals, or assumptions: we know what people care about because we know how they spend their...

  • Solo Segment
    Solo Segment

    Site Search Analytics that unlock revenue.

    Your customers and prospects deserve success. Measure it. Deliver it.

    You're really close to better search.
    You’ve done your best with available tools but those tools aren’t the right ones for the job. At best, you’re looking at measurement systems that are better suited to marketing campaigns or...

  • tapCLIQ

    Learn user intent. Automate processes.

    Create conversational flows.

    Google learns user-intent to deliver most relevant Ads, similarly,

    tapCLIQ learns user-intent to deliver most relevant Marketing in apps and websites.

    tapCLIQ is an intent driven Marketing Automation Platform

    Connect with your customer, know how they rate your app, website, content, product or service through...

  • Sideqik

    Drive your business with social media intelligence
    Understand who impacts your brand, competitors, and market trends
    Use social intelligence to discover new audiences, new creators, and new ideas. Sideqik makes it easy to tap into culture, vet potential creators, and understand strategies that are working for your brand and competition.

    Measure the impact of social
    Save time by moving...